Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Elmo Birthday Cake

I used a wilton shaped cake pan to make this cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday party. The hardest part (and only part i even had to work for) was icing the cake. I made the cake and the icing from scratch and dyed the icing to the colors i needed.

Elmo cake

Elmo Birthday cake

Birthday Dress Completion

So i ended up redoing the birthday dress- i messed up the fasteners and just about gave up until i realized there was nothing cute enough in the stores- so i hunkered down and made her dress... again... lol


birthday dress take 2 front


birthday dress take 2 back


Thanks for looking.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Daughter's 2nd Birthday Dress

So its not quite completed- i still need to sew on the zipper and hem the bottom (taffeta shreds horribly!!) My mom is going to crochet a cardigan for her

So like i said its Taffeta- periwinkle blue. The bodice is lined with white costume satin and the skirt is lined with white netting (i also need to line the netting - i wasn't going to until i realized how high up it was and that tights wouldn't completely protect her skin)

She's so tiny i had to do size 1 and still need to take it in about 2 inches! These photos have the bodice already pinned lol

Front View:
2nd birthday dress 1

When its all done i will post more pictures :)

Blessings, Tina

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blue Chalcedony & Shell Pendant necklace

I made this piece for a swap on I hope she likes it, because i am in love with it. The swap is about the elements and water is not her favorite element (shes an earth sign and says earth and water makes mud lol), but this combines earth and water- the metal floral on the shell represents the earth in all that water! haha

Close up of the pendant
Elements swap necklace 1

In its entirety
Elements Swap Necklace 2

I'll post more pics when she gets it- hopefully her camera takes better pictures than mind ;)


New Jewelry

So my mom learned i was learning to make jewelry and she wanted some earrings... well, i only had 3 of these gold/black beads so i just made a necklace too... Hope she doesn't mind looking like a fancy bumblebee HAHA I got a kit with most of these beads in it- glass square beads and seed beads- i prefer the larger seed beads for the stuff i make.

Mom Necklace & Earrings 2

I also made this bracelet for my daughter. She's 2- we were in michaels and she picked up a pack of amethyst heart beads and a pack of lavender glass beads that she would not give up, so i just said "ok, i'll make you a bracelet. Took a couple of tries- first time she broke it!! Anyway, Here it is all pretty and done!

Bella Bracelet 2


Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Swap

OK, i am crafting for my first swap on crafster (YAY!) It is a Four Elements Swap where each person creates gifts representing the 4 elements for another person and receives gift in return from that person. I am so excited and already have 3 points done! Woo-hoo! We need a minimum of 8 (small=1pt, medium= 2pts, large=3pts- the size depending on how much is spend on materials as well as how long it took to craft the project. I am dying to post what i have done already, but i can't!! I have so many ideas i can't wait to get going!!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Owl Necklace

OK, so on my spiritual journey i've developed an attraction to owls (mostly due to a calling from Athena) and wanted to make myself a necklace with an owl pendant.. it took me a while, but i finally found one i liked- but didn't like it alone so i found this great stone pendant to put with it! so each piece is separate. The colors on the owl and the stone were perfect to use with my stash of rutilated quartz & tigers eye- the pictures do not do this justice! Its night now and my flash is making them worse...

Close up of Stone and Owl
Athena Necklace 4

In its entirety (shown on 2 sheets of printer paper)
Athena Necklace 5

Here you can see how each pendant is separate
Athena Necklace 3

The chain is made up of gold and bronze large glass beads, and rutilated quartz & tiger eye chips
Athena Necklace 2

So i have not made much jewelry- only a bracelet for my mom. This is my first large project, and my first jewelry project related to my spirituality. I very much enjoyed crafting it, and will enjoy it even more to wear it tomorrow :)


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Toddler/Child Apron

I found this fabric panel at Hobby Lobby and i fell in love with it. (Fabric panels are a pattern printed on a roll, like regular fabric, only instead of a design it is a repeating patter that can be cut out and then put together to make different things- such as aprons, plush books, stuffed turkeys, etc) I also purchased 2 of these in the adult size, one for me and one for my mom- once i told her about the aprons, she wanted one! Both sizes have the recipe for Gingerbread cookies printed on the front of them!

I didn't completely follow directions- i skipped the pocket and didn't do the appliques, but i still think its cute. And i don't think the younger ones really need a pocket lol! Also, i added an extra layer of fabric to the back of the bodice of the apron, a dark red marble cotton fabric.

Gingerbread Apron 1, child

Modeled by Pooh Bear
Gingerbread Apron 1, child

Back w/extra fabric
Gingerbread Apron 3, child

Its nice to have one out of what feels like five million projects off of my to-do list! :)

I'll try to get some action shots when my baby wakes up.

As always comments and questions are appreciated! :)


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake Blanket

Non wiccan/pagan craft

Made this blanket for my sick lil princess. Its flannel on one side with quilted backing and batting in between. This was my first quilt-like project, meaning layer sewing and even using the blanket binding. My stitches are horrible, but she's only 2 and once i get better at this i will redo them. I also have extras and i'm going to make a mini version for car trips and such that she can carry around that i will post later.

Zoomed Out:
Bella Blanket

Zoom in: (but not in enought to see my stitching haha)
Bella Blanket 2

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Toddler Witch Costume

So i decided to try my hand at sewing with patterns. I bought one a while back, but thought i would be crazy to try and sew a huge item for my first project. So i bought a simplicity for dummies pattern to make my daughter a dress. The pattern is for a witch's costume, but i plan on using it for any rituals that we attend. This way she knows when she puts the dress on we're doing something special. This is the reason i did not make the hat. i have the supplies, but decided against it. Maybe i will later on, mainly because she keeps stealing my costume hat (a witch for halloween? what a surprise! lol)

So here it is:


bodice close up
simplicity 2786 2

So this was my first sewing project EVER completed. So first time gathering, first time pattern, etc etc. I enjoyed it very much and i think i did pretty well. Now to start my other 5 million projects ;)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Handpainted Pentagram

As i started on my journey into wicca i began playing with this design and came up with this. I once again purchased an unfinished piece of wood, a circle this time. Basica white and black colors. I got the pewter from mixing black and silver. I even painted the element names on the locations.

(I've tried about 5 times, but this keeps uploading sideways, so rotate it to the left for the correct orientation!")
Close up of element words....


Handpainted Treasure/Jewelry Box

This is my first attempt at this type of project. I purchased this box unfinished from Hobby Lobby and just had some fun. I bought a bunch of scrap fabric a couple of months ago and figured it would look nice as a bottom to the box. To match the design in the fabric, I painted the inside of the box bronze (well, i mixed black and gold paints, so it was close enough)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Welcome to my blog. I've seen so many people use blogger and other internet blogs to show off their crafts and decided to join the crowd. Hope everyone enjoys what i have to show.
I am newbie to the Old Religion and since i started studying it has rekindled my crafting flame. So please enjoy. These are from the heart :)