Saturday, October 18, 2008

Toddler Witch Costume

So i decided to try my hand at sewing with patterns. I bought one a while back, but thought i would be crazy to try and sew a huge item for my first project. So i bought a simplicity for dummies pattern to make my daughter a dress. The pattern is for a witch's costume, but i plan on using it for any rituals that we attend. This way she knows when she puts the dress on we're doing something special. This is the reason i did not make the hat. i have the supplies, but decided against it. Maybe i will later on, mainly because she keeps stealing my costume hat (a witch for halloween? what a surprise! lol)

So here it is:


bodice close up
simplicity 2786 2

So this was my first sewing project EVER completed. So first time gathering, first time pattern, etc etc. I enjoyed it very much and i think i did pretty well. Now to start my other 5 million projects ;)