Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Jewelry

So my mom learned i was learning to make jewelry and she wanted some earrings... well, i only had 3 of these gold/black beads so i just made a necklace too... Hope she doesn't mind looking like a fancy bumblebee HAHA I got a kit with most of these beads in it- glass square beads and seed beads- i prefer the larger seed beads for the stuff i make.

Mom Necklace & Earrings 2

I also made this bracelet for my daughter. She's 2- we were in michaels and she picked up a pack of amethyst heart beads and a pack of lavender glass beads that she would not give up, so i just said "ok, i'll make you a bracelet. Took a couple of tries- first time she broke it!! Anyway, Here it is all pretty and done!

Bella Bracelet 2


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Maggie said...

oooh pretty, i want!