Thursday, October 30, 2008

Toddler/Child Apron

I found this fabric panel at Hobby Lobby and i fell in love with it. (Fabric panels are a pattern printed on a roll, like regular fabric, only instead of a design it is a repeating patter that can be cut out and then put together to make different things- such as aprons, plush books, stuffed turkeys, etc) I also purchased 2 of these in the adult size, one for me and one for my mom- once i told her about the aprons, she wanted one! Both sizes have the recipe for Gingerbread cookies printed on the front of them!

I didn't completely follow directions- i skipped the pocket and didn't do the appliques, but i still think its cute. And i don't think the younger ones really need a pocket lol! Also, i added an extra layer of fabric to the back of the bodice of the apron, a dark red marble cotton fabric.

Gingerbread Apron 1, child

Modeled by Pooh Bear
Gingerbread Apron 1, child

Back w/extra fabric
Gingerbread Apron 3, child

Its nice to have one out of what feels like five million projects off of my to-do list! :)

I'll try to get some action shots when my baby wakes up.

As always comments and questions are appreciated! :)


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