Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New News

Wow, look at that! Nearly been a year!

Still doing 3D art although i fell out for a bit with starting back at school and working part time. I've got one more semester left to get my Associates! Woohoo!! (not thinking about how much longer until i get my Bachelors >.<

Anyhow, a lot of my art can be seen at my DeviantArt gallery

More news is i finally finished my first for sale texture set! Available at Fantasies Realm Market I'll post more on this in a bit.

More news? Oh well... I've been made Promotional Artistry Coordinator at Fantasy Realms... my job to organize people to make promo images and promotional renders for products in store. (Interested? Email me)

Last news is my lil one is turning 5 in less than a month... Goddess how the time flies! I created her invitations- i'll post a sample here as soon as i get them ordered.

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